It is well-known that Italy owns the best and earliest handbag manufacturing plant in the world. While Florence is even the distribution centre for gathering famous leather craftsmen in the past.

However, with the development of the industrialization, the present real high-class plants which reserved by Italy is quite rare and lack of competitiveness. Many brands prefer to flaunt the banner of "made in Italy" while the product itself owns poor internal quality.They win the market through customer's poor knowledge to the products.

At Ikepod, our persuit is to make progress at technology and products. And this will bring customers a better experience.

We make the products in accordance with the Italy world top factory. From the leather to the handcraft, which we manage to manufacture the products in our own Aisa factory.

On quality, the following are two shopping tips:

1.Leather: Not all of the cortex are the same.95% of the brands, of which the cortex is dealt with the shave. After a long time of use, there exists the shave problems as below: blood vesel, fading and wear out. However, our cortex is made of full grain leather, which imported from Italy.

2. Handcraft: Frankly speaking, the handcraft of our wallet is more complex than those of premimum brand in the world. We adopt the total design(manufactured by2--3 pieces of leather), which incudes the complex folding. And these will give custmers a new quality experience.